For the love of…Process Evaluation!

There are a number of different types of evaluations – each helps paint a complete picture of program implementation and change processes.  I don’t have a favorite, but recently I’ve felt a kind of affinity for process evaluation.  


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The Mindful Enthusiast: The struggle to stay motivated in the face of opposition, boredom, or confusion (or all of the above)

I am currently in a bit of a slump (or series of slumps).  My reading list is pretty short.  I haven’t felt creative or inspired to write.  Things are feeling pretty stagnant.  Motivation can feel elusive once there’s been in drop in productivity and focus.  How can we cultivate that feeling of being in the zone, when we’re so far out of it?

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The Mindful Enthusiast: Gratitude’s role in general well-being and health


This time of year is all about togetherness and connection.  Sometimes this emphasis can bring stress, anxiety, or additional responsibilities (or all of the above).  I want to honor everyone’s experience – I believe the winter months can be a challenging time for many, regardless of holiday traditions.  But in this post I’m going to focus on gratitude – something that is often the theme of Thanksgiving celebrations and other winter holidays.    Continue reading

Why I Love PivotTables (or an obligatory Excel post)

macbook-336704_1920I don’t really know how to convey my love of organization and efficiency.  I love my meeting notebook and am a recent convert to bullet journaling for my personal notebooks (that’s right…I have a work notebook and personal notebook).  To-do lists abound…and I love it.  So it’s no surprise that I love Excel as a tool for organizing data and  generating beautiful charts and data visualizations.  It’s my go-to application (and I wouldn’t even consider myself an expert or even an intermediate user!)  

But a recent consulting project helped me hone my PivotTable and Table skills and gave me a whole new appreciation for this little wonder…

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What is program evaluation?

Oh my goodness, where to begin!  Program evaluation has a rich history across disciplines and fields of practice.  When drafting this post I thought to myself, “How do I fit this all into 450 words or less?”  and then I realized I didn’t have to!  This website can a journey in uncovering the wonders of program evaluation and assessment.

But I would like to offer a bit of a framework to get things started…

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