Welcome!  The Evaluation Enthusiast is a space to explore where research, program evaluation, and practice intersect.  You’ll find blog posts on evaluation concepts, my reflections on evaluation projects and experiences, and some strategies for creating social justice through evaluation practice.  

I am not a formally trained evaluator (hence the “enthusiast” in The Evaluation Enthusiast).  My experience has been hands-on and acquired through years of generous mentorship as part of the anti-sexual violence movement.  I have been able to create meaningful and useful tools and contribute to bodies of research because of the patient and caring leadership of more experienced professionals.

I wanted to create a space where I could share my discoveries and build an online community for folks like myself.  I’m definitely not an expert, but my love of evaluation and assessment help me stay excited and creative.    

Where do I go for insights and brilliance?

  • When it comes to visualization and design, Stephanie Evergreen offers beautiful and accessible tools and ideas.  She also has a great writing style and sense of humor!
  • Of course AEA’s tip-a-day blog is chock-full of resources and wonders from every corner of the evaluation practice.  *cough cough*
  • Better Evaluation’s blog is a great for resources and FAQ posts.  I like Better Evaluation since it is really rooted in practice and elevates the voices of practitioners.
  • Sheila Robinson has been a fabulous and brilliant mentor since I came on board as part of aea365’s curating team.  She offers her wisdom and expertise freely!
  • Twitter!  What’s better than expert knowledge packed into 140-character tidbits?  

I’m also very passionate about mindfulness and the role it can play in creating positive social change on micro and macro scales.  Greater Good in Action has a Mindfulness section with a multitude of resources and research on living a mindful life.